Providing Clients with a Range of Options in Divorce and Custody Cases

I’m Hingham divorce attorney Carolan Hardy. I provide caring and compassionate legal services in divorce, child custody, and basic estate planning.

The primary focus of my practice is mediation, both in-person and online [link to online mediation], for divorce, property division, alimony, child custody and child support. I also offer other divorce options for clients who are using another mediator, or those with a spouse who does not want to participate in mediation.

Divorce Agreement Review: Did you complete mediation with another firm and did you create a divorce agreement? Do you really understand what that document says about your rights and obligations? Before you sign that document, let me review it with you to make sure you understand your rights and obligations under the Agreement. Asking the court to modify a document after the fact may be costly, or worse, may not be possible.

Negotiated Settlement: Parties who wish to resolve matters with their spouse or spouse’s attorney can work toward a negotiated settlement outside of court. Divorce papers may be filed or answered, but will not proceed in a trial.

Collaborative Divorce: I am trained in the collaborative divorce process. This is an excellent option for clients who want their case settled outside of divorce court with the guidance of collaboratively trained attorneys and the structure and emotional support that the collaborative process provides. Collaborative attorneys work outside of court. If the parties wish to proceed with a litigated court process, new attorneys will need to be hired.

Limited Legal Assistance: Limited Assistance gives you the opportunity to speak to an attorney for guidance, writing of legal documents and representation in court for specific hearings. If you choose Limited Assistance, I will represent you only for those matters identified in our written agreement.

Estate Planning Services

I help young adults, newlyweds, new parents, recently divorced clients and senior citizens think through the issues involved in developing an estate plan. I assist clients with wills and trusts, medical directives, health care proxies and HIPPA documents, and powers of attorney. I also work with families who are making sensitive elder care decisions about guardianship or potential nursing home placement. When families are in conflict about these matters, I have found that elder mediation can be useful.

When you’re ready to protect your loved ones and share your wishes, contact me or call 617-750-9709 to schedule a free initial consultation at the office nearest you in Quincy or Hingham.