Hingham Child Custody Mediator Helping Parents Arrive at Workable Parenting Plans

One of the keys to a good parenting plan is a clear understanding of who does what and when. You can make your parenting plan as simple or as detailed as you feel you need to have a smooth transition for your children.

I’m Hingham child custody mediator and collaborative attorney Carolan Hardy. I provide caring and compassionate legal help for parents seeking to outline an initial parenting plan, or modify an existing parenting plan because of changing circumstances.

Parties can meet with me as a mediator to reach agreement on changes in a parenting plan. If the parties reach a modified agreement, the modified agreement can then be presented to the court for approval.

A good way to start the plan is writing out each day of the week and then considering the questions below.

A Weekly Plan

  1. Where will the children be each day and who will be with them?
  2. If your children are in day care, who drops them off and who picks them up?
  3. If your children are in school, how do they get to school? How do they get home?
  4. If you are working when your children arrive home from school, who will care for them until you get home?
  5. Do your children belong to a sports team or participate in after-school activities? How will they get to practice? Who takes them to their games? Who decides what sports or activities your child will attend and who will be pay for the registration fees and equipment costs? A How will you share sports and other event practice schedules?

A Yearly Plan 

  1. Where will the children be for school vacations and summer break? Do you plan on taking the children on vacation for a week or two? Will that vacation be out of the country? How much notice will you give the other parent?
  2. Will you leave the itinerary and contact information with the other parent?
  3. Who will hold the children’s passports, while they are not traveling?
  4. Where will the children be for other holidays? Do you want to alternate holidays every other year or share the day between parents?
  5. What traditions have they celebrated in the past that you want to continue? Which traditions are important to your extended family?

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