Online Divorce Mediation Services to Resolve Massachusetts Family Law Matters

  • Do you or your partner live outside of Massachusetts?
  • Is your spouse stationed overseas in the military?

Physical distance does not need to be a barrier to the use of mediation in divorce. All of the benefits of mediation can still apply if you choose to pursue online divorce mediation services, including substantial cost savings.

I’m Carolan Hardy, an experienced and Certified Mediator by the Massachusetts Council of Family Mediators, in Quincy, Mass. I’ve seen the tremendous benefit that mediation has brought to so many couples I work with every day. I wanted to make mediation available to couples who are no longer living in the same state for reasons of work or military service so I have begun offering online mediation services.

How Online Divorce Mediation Works

Trust is an important part of mediation. You, the client, need to feel comfortable with me, the mediator, and I need to feel comfortable with you. A pre-mediation phone call allows us to get to know one another and gives you time to ask any questions you have about divorce in general, and what you can expect from the divorce mediation process.

Before mediation can begin, both parties will need to complete a draft financial statement. You will be asked to sign a mediation contract stating that you are engaging in the mediation process voluntarily and that you understand that the information provided during mediation is confidential.

Once the paperwork has been completed, we can begin divorce mediation online using Skype.

Who Can Use My Online Divorce Mediation Service?

I work with couples who are filing a case in Massachusetts Family Court for:

  • Uncontested divorce
  • Child custody
  • Modification of an alimony order
  • Educational expenses for a child
  • Modification of an existing spousal support or child support order
  • Modification of a prior child custody agreement or parenting plan

If you want the benefits of mediation and online is your only option, I invite you to call 617-750-9709 or contact me to schedule for a free initial consultation. I will respond to you promptly.