Quincy Child Custody Mediator

No issue in divorce weighs more heavily upon both moms and dads than child custody. In most cases, parents themselves decide where their child(ren) should live. They have the option of one parent having primary physical custody or both parents sharing physical custody or something in between. Shared custody works well when parents are able to cooperate and work together.

I’m Quincy child custody mediator Carolan Hardy. I offer my clients caring and compassionate mediation services to arrive at child custody and child support agreements. If you are seeking a peaceful and respectful alternative to court, contact my office to learn how I can assist you using mediation. I work with divorcing and never married parents

Child Custody and Parenting Time

A parenting plan can help parents work better together. It details everything from where the children will live each day to where and when parents will exchange the children. Your child custody agreement may specify:

  • Child support, which reflects the amount of time each parent spends with the child as well as the income of each parent
  • Who pays for health insurance and medical expenses not covered by insurance
  • Children’s educational needs, which may include who pays for private school, college
  • Child care and after-school activities
  • Where children will be for school holidays and summer vacations
  • Other child-related matters

Not all parents need a detailed parenting plan, but for those who do, I can help you negotiate and craft a parenting plan.

Modification of an Existing Parenting Plan

Over time, as children grow and households change, you may find that the parenting plan you had as part of your child custody arrangement is no longer working for you. Rather than hire a lawyer (or two lawyers) to take a case back to court, you can work with a child custody mediator to negotiate a new parenting plan. Mediation can save you time and money, as well as the stress of an emotional draining battle in court.

Learn more about how I can assist you in crafting an initial child custody agreement or modifying a parenting plan. Contact Divorce and Family Mediation Services or call 617-750-9709 to schedule a free initial consultation. From my offices in Quincy and Hingham, I represent clients in Plymouth, Norfolk, Middlesex and Suffolk Counties.