Massachusetts Family Law Mediation

Solutions for Divorce, Child Custody, Child Support, Alimony & Property Division

Costly, stressful, emotionally draining – that is how most people would describe the process of reaching a divorce agreement, but it doesn’t have to be this difficult. If you and your partner want an amicable divorce, consider divorce by mediation.
Family law mediation puts your needs and the needs of your children first as you and your spouse work together to create a separation agreement a Massachusetts family court judge can approve. The benefits of mediation process are many, including cost savings, time savings and a much greater degree of privacy.

Massachusetts Divorce Mediator Carolan Hardy

I’m attorney and divorce mediator Carolan Hardy. I started Divorce and Family Mediation Services in 2007 to help my clients find cost-effective, workable solutions to the issues of divorce, including alimony and child support, child custody, parenting plans, and property division.

Divorce mediation can be an effective option for resolving disputed issues, regardless of the size and complexity of the marital estate. In fact, many couples with significant assets prefer mediation because of the privacy it affords them. The details of your marital property, assets and family and personal issues will not be aired in court.

Mediation can also be used to provide conflict resolution after the divorce has been finalized. For example, if changing circumstances have made your parenting plan unworkable, child custody mediation can help you define the terms of a new agreement that you can take to probate and family court to request a modification.

Is a spouse stationed overseas in the military or living in another state? Online mediation may be an option for you.
I assist people with other types of mediation, such as guardianship, paternity, probate and estate mediation, and mediation to resolve eldercare issues.

I invite you to call 617-750-9709 for more information on divorce and family mediation or to schedule a free initial consultation at my Hingham or Quincy law offices. You can also contact me online. I respond promptly to all calls and emails.